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1509-16 ALWAYSE

1509-16 ALWAYSE

1509- 16 Alwayse

TYPE 16: Stainless Steel Bearings, Zinc Plated Pressings


Features: Small flange. Low profile.

36,54 € (44,57 € sa PDV)

Slanje u: Nema na skladištu (Pošalji upit)

Size Guide

Size Guide
Regular Fit
1/2 CHEST 52.50 54.50 56.50 59.50 62.50
BACKLENGTH 76.00 78.00 80.00 82.00 84.00
SLEEVELENGTH 65.00 66.00 67.00 68.50 70.00
Slim Fit
1/2 CHEST 50.00 52.00 54.00 58.00 62.00
BACKLENGTH 76.00 77.00 78.00 79.00 80.00
SLEEVELENGTH 66.00 67.00 68.00 69.00 70.00

Please note that these measurements are meant as a guide only. Actual garment length and width may vary according to style and brand.

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Dodatne informacije
Težina [kg] 0.3900
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Veličina kugle [mm] 25,4
Materijal Tip 16 - Kuglični ležaj od nehrđajućeg čelika, pocinčani metalni kućište.
A - Maksimalni promjer [mm] 56
B - Radna visina lopte [mm] 19,3
S - Od podnožja do vrha tijela [mm] 61,3
D - Promjer tijela [mm] 44,5
E - od prirubnice do baze [mm] 52,9
L - ukupna visina [mm] 72,2
Maksimalno dinamičko opterećenje [kg] 50
Proizvođač ALWAYSE
C - Izlaganje kugle izvan prstena [mm] 6,7
F - Debljina prirubnice [mm] 2
Učitavanje do potpunog pritiska [kg] 130
Tarifni br. 84832000
Zemlja porijekla GB
Opis proizvoda
1509 - 16 Alwayse ALWAYSE spring loaded units are used in applications such as:-Guillotines; Presses; Moulding Machines; Tool Bases;Press Brakes; Shock Loading applications. Spring loaded ball units reduce damage caused by shock loads. They also allow for dimension changes due to temperature and self-adjust to evenly distribute loads. 1507, 1508 and 1509 Units These units incorporate a plastic scraper seal, which keeps debris outside the ball unit. Spring loaded ball unit sizes Ø31.7mm, Ø39.7mm and Ø50.8mm have dirt exit holes as standard. All other spring loaded ball units have felt or foam seals as standard. Spring loaded ball units can be used as die-lifters, inverted or at an angle. Completely stainless steel (Type15) spring loaded ball units also available upon request with reduced support loads and depress loads. Spring loaded ball units with ball sizes of Ø25.4mm also available upon request with nylon load ball and stainless bearings (Type 14). The Type 14 ball units are suitable for light load applications and when object surface protection is required. The 1507 and 1509 ball units have 2mm thick pressed steel flanges. Do not remove the circlip on any of the spring loaded ball units. * Other loads available upon request.
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Alwayse Catalogue 14

Complete Alwayse Ball Transfer Units Catalogue PDF

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Spring Loaded Ball Transfer Units

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